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Checking a Checkbox inside a List Item by Clicking the Parent or Child

It’s quite common to see list items <li> or table rows <tr><td> which contain a checkbox <input type=”checkbox”/>. Rather than the user having to be very precise and click/touch on the checkbox, it’s often preferable, especially on mobile devices, to … Continue reading

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Highlighting Matching Text in Search Results with jQuery

Following on from a previous post Easy Search As You Type List Filtering with jQuery, I’ve added a new function/feature to this script – the ability to highlight the matching text in the search results. Here’s the pen: See the … Continue reading

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Simple User Message with Dynamic Reading Speed

Here’s a quick user message, which uses jQuery to fade in, pause and then fade out. The clever bit is that it works out how long to display the message based on its length. The JavaScript function takes a string … Continue reading

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